Terry Pratchett: I started writing my new book when I was 17-years-old

July 11th, 2014

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Dragons at Crumbling CastleSir Terry shares a first look at the cover of his new children’s book Dragons at Crumbling Castle and tells the Guardian about his life as a cub reporter before he became a best selling author.

You started writing the stories in Dragons at Crumbling Castle when you were 17 and an apprentice on the local newspaper. What did you before?
I went to a reasonably good school, though I think I hated the headmaster just as much as he hated me. Time and again I come back to the library as where I got my real education, and The Way of Terry Pratchett is this: you go through the very, very top of a very big library and you read every last book, which effectively is what quite a lot of my adolescence was made of.

Read more on the Guardain.

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