Pratchett: PM broke dementia promise

December 11th, 2013

SIR TERRY PRATCHETT, the bestselling author who is suffering from dementia, has accused David Cameron of failing in his pledge to tackle the crisis caused by the disease.

In an article for The Sunday Times the acclaimed author of the Discworld series, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2007, says he fears the prime minister’s promise to improve life for dementia patients and fund research into drugs to treat the condition may prove to be no more than a “podium promise for the press”.

“David Cameron made a solemn pledge one year ago,” he writes. “In what I hoped wouldn’t simply be a podium promise for the press, he announced intentions to double money spent on dementia research and to tackle the ‘crisis’ the condition is causing.”

Read the full article on The Sunday Times website (paid subscription required).

Comments for: Pratchett: PM broke dementia promise

  1. Kelly Godfrey says:

    Thank you Sir for helping me pull through some pretty rough times.
    Best wishes,

  2. smcbee says:

    I have only today found your books and movies. I was saddened that you have been diagnosed with a form of Alzheimer’s. As well as your fight to have your government to have them make a sizeable contribution to this ageless, genderless disease! Do you have any suggestions for ways your fans and others can help Alzheimer’s patients receive proper care either in the UK or the States? I worked with Alzheimer’s before being diagnosed with a life threatening disease and it was the most rewarding, bittersweet experience in my life. I fear I will never be able to return to work which saddens me greatly. However, there are many ways to help while staying home isn’t there? Blessings to you and your family Sir. Try to always keep in mind that you are never in this fight alone!Cheers.

  3. Talita says:

    Hi – I’m sure this goes without saying but there have been breakthroughs in immunotherapy (particularly Nivolumab) that may help with dementia. I haven’t been following this discussion, I was just discussing a Discworld convention with a friend this morning and when researching the immunotherapy for another I saw that there are applications for Alzheimers.

    All the best

  4. mark says:

    Sad, but not unexpected.
    The government is always coming out with hollow promises. Keep up the good work Sir Terry. You’ve done more on your own to help the fight against Dementia than any short sighted, grey suited professional liar ever could hope to achieve.