Guards! Guards! A Discworld boardgame sells out at the Essen Game Fair

November 1st, 2012

The guys behind Guards! Guards! A Discworld boardgame (Leonard & David of Backspindle Games ) have just returned from the biggest board game fair in Europe, Spiel 12 at Essen, Germany where for a second year in a row Guards! Guards! A Discworld boardgame completely sold out!

David added “Even though we were in a minor exhibition hall, we were inundated with gamers wishing to pay our game. We had to increase the number of games we demoed. The international gamers loved playing Guards! Guards!, especially The Luggage chasing off Dragons and sharing The Pox with each other. They also commented on how the new section at the back of the revised rule book was a great help learning the game.”

If you order now from you can also get a free limited edition bookmark illustrated by Stephen Player.
Essen Game Fair


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