Facebook Competition to win The Long Earth!

April 24th, 2012

Tomorrow we will be launching a competition on Facebook to win a proof copy of The Long Earth. The question, which has been supplied by Sir Terry Pratchett and Rob Wilkins, will be posted on Terry Pratchett’s facebook page. To win the highly rare and prized copy check back on Facebook at 09:00 GMT and email your answer with your name and address to discworld@transworld-publishers.co.uk. For a hint in this very tricky competition head over to the Transworld blog: What Shall I Read? This competition is open to all readers anywhere in the world. Good Luck!


Comments for: Facebook Competition to win The Long Earth!

  1. Peg Davis says:

    an anatomically correct one who hasn’t been in the medical care of an Igor, that is! Crossing my fingers… :-)

  2. Peg Davis says:

    On Earth, but not necessarily if on Discworld!

  3. Debbie Palmer says:

    Yet another wonderful tome to add to my collection – long may it continue to grow.

  4. JACOB says:

    Nac mac Feegle!

  5. Andrew says:

    Got all Discworld releases and many other of his book’s but want every released so I can have a large collection, and making my way through Discworld audio’s, usually listen to on bus journey’s people looking at me when I have my headphones on wondering why I’m laughing.