Jamie Reviews: Terry Pratchett – Snuff

February 23rd, 2012

As the sand pours through Sir Terry Pratchett’s gilded hourglass I find myself again honoured to be able to review his latest work of craft; Snuff.

The Discworld collection is comprised of several mini-series and several one-off novels; each has emotion and plot that comes together to make a meta-series that has allowed fantasy to become more than just swords and sorcery. In fact for the most part Pratchett’s works have been almost completely deprived of the traditional elements of the fantasy genre; sure it has dwarves and trolls, witches, wizards and the undead, but for the most part race has been more about background colour than overarching plot. Ankh-Morpork is home to any species with money in their pocket.

Over the last few years Pratchett has worked very hard to bring each of his mini-series to a satisfactory conclusion; not an easy task with a world as large as the Disc…

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  1. Eileen says:

    I was thrilled to receive my copy of “Snuff”, a gift from my son. As usual, Sir Terry swept me away into his universe and I was supremely satisfied to once again slip away from reality for a time. All my favorite characters were at their most colorful; I especially enjoy the relationship between Vimes and Sybil. Because I married late also, I see myself and my spouse in many of their encounters. Thank you, Sir Terry, for bringing your special brand of laughter to Seneca, Missouri, USA.